# of the Week : #GameofThrones


SPOILER ALERT ! The first four episodes of the long-awaited Season 5 of Game Of Thrones just leaked on piracy networks late Saturday, one day before the scheduled HBO premiere of the show. Don’t worry, we’re not going to reveal some capital information on here !

As GoT seasons consist of just 10 episodes, this is nearly half of the season that just spread online before the first episode even aired. Last year, the fantasy series already received the « award » of the most-pirated TV show and, while some studies showed that piracy could have a sad effect on revenue, it sure can be a good promotional tool. According to Jeff Bewked (Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes), piracy of “Game of Thrones” was “better than an Emmy” as far as generating buzz.

Now, are you ready for the Game Of Thrones marathon ?


Popcorn Time, sit and enjoy !

A revolution has begun

popcorn timeFor those who don’t know (yet) this small software, here are the key points that will convince you to start using it. Before I start, I shall point out that this blog cannot be held responsible for what you do at home. This is a free streaming software and therefore, it is illegal, so you are the only judge of what is good or not for you.

After the recent entry of Netflix in Europe, you might say « I am okay to pay a small fee if the content is good enough » and you definitely have a point here. The problem with Netflix though, is that the offer of movies and TV shows is clearly not what you were expecting… Just go through their catalogue to have a better idea of what you can watch for 10€/month. The law in France makes it difficult for them to be more competitive as they have to wait at least three years, after the release date of a movie, to provide it to their users.

When we talk about streaming around us, there are two kinds of people : the ones that use it to watch recent movies despite their poor quality and the ones that hate it because of this same poor quality. Now, what if we could combine the streaming speed with the quality of a HD movie ? This is exactly what Popcorn is offering you.

Made with ♥ by a bunch of geeks from around the world


Let’s go now through the main advantages of this software:

  • After a short download, what we like first is the ergonomic user-interface that really looks like something legal. You can sort out by Popularity, Rating, Year or Genre and quickly have a look at the movie page to know more about it (IMDB ratings) and to start watching it in HD 720p or 1080p.
  • The catalogue is huge as they don’t have to wait three years but just three months before having new movies and, beside these movies, you can also enjoy your favorite TV Shows or Anime. Just a simple click on the tab to access them.
  • The movies and TV Shows are in English but subtitles are provided in various languages including French and English (which is good to learn faster).
  • Two other functionalities are valuable : if you don’t have time to watch another movie but you want to remember it for the next time, just place it in your watchlist. For the TV Shows, create your Favorite list so that you can have your own library with what you are currently watching.

As you know « Winter is coming » but with Popcorn by your side, time will fly. And the bunch of geeks thought about everything: the latest Popcorn version includes a secured connexion system to avoid being traced.

You can find this beautiful software right here !