Sharing Economy

Collaborative consumption

In the US, 80% of the items people own are used less than once a month… The consumption era is over !
People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. Make your customers feel smart and give them the opportunity to share their experiences with their communities. People do not wish to possess something any longer they are just looking for new experiences, hence the only thing you have to offer them is ACCESS.

You do not want to have a bike anymore ! It occupies space in your garage, you have to take care of it, to repair it, it can easily be stolen… What you really wish is to have Free Access to bicycles whenever and wherever you need it !

We do not want to possess, we want free access !!! Here are a few examples:

Uber, Facebook, Alibaba, Airbnb: Key Social Media


Efface tes traces !

Smart phone technology

De nombreuses questions se posent autour du couple technologie-sécurité que l’on peut aisément relier au tandem technologie-intimité… Pessin nous livre cette belle caricature qui nous rappelle que dès que nous touchons à un appareil électronique (ce qui se produit de façon continu dans nos sociétés) toutes nos actions sont enregistrées et susceptibles d’être traquées. Alors … efface tes traces !

« Quoi que tu dises, ne le dis pas deux fois.
Si tu découvres tes pensées chez un autre, renie-les !
Quand on n’a rien signé, pas laissé de photos (#selfie),
Quand on n’y était pas et qu’on n’a rien dit
Comment pourrait-on nous prendre ?
Efface tes traces ! »

Build a Successful Startup #KeyIdeas

If you really believe that you have something amazing to share with the world (and there is a market for it that will bring you money), you must go for it !!! To help you become a successful entrepreneur, I am pleased to submit to you key insights (the first one is clearly my favorite) from amazing startup founders :

-1- “We must learn what customers really want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want.”

Eric Ries – author of The Lean Startup

-2- “Don’t start a company unless it’s an obsession and something you love. If you have an exit strategy, it’s not an obsession.”

Mark Cuban – serial entrepreneur and investor

-3- “I think not focusing on money makes you sane, because in the long run it can probably drive you crazy. »

Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram

-4- “The secret to successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world.”

Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce

-5- “Mistakes will not end your business. If you are nimble and willing to listen to constructive criticism you can excel by learning and evolving.”

Meridith Valiando Rojas, co-founder and CEO of DigiTour Media

-6- “The last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%.”

Rob Kalin, co-founder of Etsy

-7- “The product that wins is the one that bridges customers to the future, not the one that requires a giant leap.”

Aaron Levie, co-founder of Box

I really hope these quotations have given you inspiration and you have enjoyed this article. Next week, I will offer you, dear readers, my own insights that will help you become a better marketer, businessman, creator and more generally an improved person