Efface tes traces !

Smart phone technology

De nombreuses questions se posent autour du couple technologie-sécurité que l’on peut aisément relier au tandem technologie-intimité… Pessin nous livre cette belle caricature qui nous rappelle que dès que nous touchons à un appareil électronique (ce qui se produit de façon continu dans nos sociétés) toutes nos actions sont enregistrées et susceptibles d’être traquées. Alors … efface tes traces !

« Quoi que tu dises, ne le dis pas deux fois.
Si tu découvres tes pensées chez un autre, renie-les !
Quand on n’a rien signé, pas laissé de photos (#selfie),
Quand on n’y était pas et qu’on n’a rien dit
Comment pourrait-on nous prendre ?
Efface tes traces ! »

Avis à tous les amateurs de son

 Prizm va rendre vos enceintes intelligentes !

D’ici quelques mois, nous aurons tous un Prizm dans notre salon. Cet objet fabuleux permet de diffuser de la musique sur mesure, adaptée aux goûts de l’utilisateur et au contexte. Il réalise cette prouesse en se connectant aux téléphones des personnes présentes dans la pièce pour diffuser leurs playlists.

L’objet, qui fonctionne en bluetooth, ne se substitue pas aux enceintes, mais sert de relais entre elles et les comptes de streaming musical de l’utilisateur.

La startup Ubithings, exploitant Prizm, fondée par quatre jeunes français (tous âgés de 25 ans) a réussi à lever plus de 160 000 dollars sur la plateforme de crowdfunding américaine Kickstarter.

C’est donc le gros coup de cœur du mois de décembre pour IITK. Découvrez l’interview d’Olivier Roberdet DG d’Ubithings.

PrizmPrizm ambiancePrizm color

Happn : Ne ratez plus votre âme sœur !


Nous avons tous croisé un jour une personne avec laquelle un « petit quelque chose » s’est créé, que ça soit un regard, un sourire, ou un rapide échange. Mais la timidité, les aléas de la vie ou le contexte ont empêché de prolonger ce moment. On réalise quelques minutes plus tard qu’une incroyable occasion vient d’être gâchée. L’âme sœur a peut-être été perdue.

Mais cela n’arrivera plus !! Grâce à Happn créé par trois français, Didier Rappaport (co-fondateur de Dailymotion) et les frères Anthony et Fabien Cohen. Cette application mobile enregistre les personnes célibataires que vous croisez dans la vie, inscrites via leur compte Facebook et propose de les contacter afin de partager votre coup de foudre…

Happn est un véritable succès. Depuis son lancement il y a maintenant 1 an, l’application compte 1 million d’utilisateurs et est présente dans 6 villes importantes (Londres, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelone, New York et bien sûr Paris). La start-up vient de lever 8 millions d’euros principalement destinés à l’agrandissement de sa communauté. L’objectif en 2015 est la conquête de trois nouvelles villes par mois. En décembre, Los Angeles, Chicago et Sydney sont dans le collimateur d’Happn.

Découvrez l’interview du CEO de Happn Didier Rappaport.

Cubic Tour: a new experience

See the world in 3D with Cubic Tour

Cubic Tour is one of those smartphone games that will challenge your mind. Be prepare to have a seizure next time you play tetris, because Cubic Tour will ruin your childhood memory!

So here we go, dark screen, slightly gloomy music playing. Let’s dive into Cubic Tour!

In a 2D world, you will have to think in 3D. I mean… you’ll have to LEARN to think in 3D, because it’s soooo unnatural, at least for people like me, who need a mental endeavor to pass this “3D in 2D” mindtrick.

Cubic Tour Smartphone Game

Cubic Tour Smartphone Game

Cubic Tour ruins your Tetris experience …

Cubic Tour 3D smartphone game

Using the geometric shapes, mostly from Tetris, you will have to turn and turn and turn the shapes to make it correspond with the “shadow” of the shape you have to form. Said like this, it seems childish right? Remember this game you played, when you were young and pure? The square goes in the square, the triangle goes in the triangle… Cubic Tour might just be the adult version of it, forcing you to be quick and to develop a 3D analytical mind.

But beware … As the level goes, the difficulty increases. Not only does the speed of the game goes from “grandpa on a walker” to “that’s like the Hyperloop, man!” 1, but the shapes will harden too. The Tetris-like kind of shapes will soon turn into very, very complex shapes you will have to tame.

A punitive game

It is clearly a punitive game! Whatever your skills are, the game will be hard. You will lose, and lose again. But Cubic Tour is fun enough to push you to try again. It is punitive as you will have to improve your skills and retry several times to succeed, but in the manner of a SMB2, the game perfectly knows how to dose the punishment with the satisfaction of victory! Cubic Tour is punitive, but sooooo rewarding when you finally go to the next level!

Cubic Tour 3D smartphone game

Cubic Tour 3D special smartphone game

The marketing behind Cubic Tour

On a marketing viewpoint, a few things come to my mind:

Simple: The concept around the game is very simple, easy to catch, just like a good catchphrase: really easy to understand. For a product to sell, it has to show quickly what it is used for and how: the game is then intuitive: it takes a few seconds to know what to do, and how to do it.

USP: Unique Selling Point: what is the ONE reason to buy the product, what is the ONE benefit you will get from the product? The Cubic Tour USP is definitely the overcoming promise: learn to think/visualize quickly and act, surpass one’s skills…

Sensorial Marketing: The music is far from what you can hear on “mainstream” games, it has its own unicity, create an ambiance and helps the user to dive totally into the game’s atmosphere.

– Enough with the freemium games! Indeed, the marketing technic used in those games is devilishly efficient but also very frustrating.3 It is refreshing to have a game designed for addiction through a subtle way. The difficulty progression is excellent, which will make you play more, think more and try to prove your skills!

I also wanted to talk about another game as Cubic Tour reminds me of it, but I didn’t know how to introduce it without breaking the rhythm of the article… So, just a few words about a PC/Xbox game, using the 2D/3D effects in an other way: Play “Fez”, you’ll thank me later …

1 See Elon Musk from Tesla, for more details : http://www.teslamotors.com/fr_FR/blog/hyperloop
2 Super Meat Boy (PC-XBOX, which I highly recommend!)
3 It is actually the key of this technic

Whyd : when community and music Come Together

What about a free social network gathering all the music you can find on different websites such as Youtube or SoundCloud ? Sounds interesting, right ? Well, this is actually a reality. It’s called Whyd, it’s elegant and sophisticated. That may be because it’s French. It’s so French that your default profile picture has a moustache

whyd app

Whyd represents a perfect tool to share with people having the same musical tastes as you and is available on iOS and Desktop. It can be described as the “Pinterest of music”, as you organize your profile by playlists, such as Pinterest’s boards.

A place for all your music

Turning music experience into a social network has some key advantages: once you’ve settled down on Whyd, you’ll begin to discover fresh tunes every day, matching your tastes. This is a good opportunity to find new artists and expand your musical knowledge. It can even become a filter, allowing you to listen to the best tracks selected by your friends and people who share your musical tastes.

« It’s a kind of magic »

The Hot Tracks feature allows you to listen to the most appreciated tracks by the Whyd community, by musical genre. The app has a human-centered approach of music, which reinforces the quality of its service. From a subjective point of view, you’ll find that, for the moment, Whyd users have a very diversified qualitative music culture.

The best solutions are those that can cover a daily need

You know that music-related apps are usually limited by contracts with record companies, which can be frustrating as You Can’t Always Get What You Want. But what differentiates mostly Whyd from Spotify (for example), except from its wider catalogue, is its approach of music. Something that we share. It’s not a music consumption service but a social network built around music. And that makes all the difference as it’s a new way to interact with music. It’s personal and social. Free and with no ads, it also ensures a better listening experience.

Simple – Want to add a track to one of your playlist ? You can use the cross-platform search engine and then tap the + button. It’s that simple.

UX – The app is really easy to use. The main menu is clear (Stream, Profile, Hot Tracks, Notifications and Settings), everything is in its place and the navigation is smooth. Concerning Designit might lack from identity (while the app itself has a strong one) but at least it makes everything quickly understandable.

USP – A really clever way of sharing music (and a slight hipster touch).

The company isn’t talking about any monetization, for the time being, but hints that the logical step after connecting music consumers to each other is to enable them to connect with and “support” the artists they enjoy. – Techcrunch.com

The place for your favorite music !