Sharing Economy

Collaborative consumption

In the US, 80% of the items people own are used less than once a month… The consumption era is over !
People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. Make your customers feel smart and give them the opportunity to share their experiences with their communities. People do not wish to possess something any longer they are just looking for new experiences, hence the only thing you have to offer them is ACCESS.

You do not want to have a bike anymore ! It occupies space in your garage, you have to take care of it, to repair it, it can easily be stolen… What you really wish is to have Free Access to bicycles whenever and wherever you need it !

We do not want to possess, we want free access !!! Here are a few examples:

Uber, Facebook, Alibaba, Airbnb: Key Social Media


Hello 4 C’s of Digital

The Digital Era

Every day, 20% of the terms typed into Google have never been searched before

Word of Mouth / World of Mouth

  • 93% of shoppers buying decisions are directly influenced by Social Media
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommandations / Only 14% trust advertisements
  •  1 in 5 couples meet online / 1 in 5 divorce involve Social Media


Goodbye 4 P’s of Marketing / Hello 4 C’s of Digital

  • Creating: be original and provide engaging contents for your marketing target.
  • Curating: provide something unexpected and show your prospects that you really care for them.
  • Connecting: maximize the number of users who will interact with your Contents / Conversations / Community (people always want to be part of a tribe).
  • Culture: create a specific culture that perfectly suits your community’s vision of the world.


Another 4 C’s vision

4 P's versus 4 C's

Frontback – Shake Up Your Routine

« Please, give us a good excuse to take a selfie ! »

This sentence perfectly sums up the marketing idea which is hidden behind our mass consumption society. Indeed, it is imperative that you understand people concerns in order to offer them an easy solution. This is what Fredd, Frontback main creator, has achieved with his addictive camera app …

I won’t write down the thoughtful « official storytelling », uniquely designed to seduce the consumers … What I really want to is identify the genuine reasons that will lead you to become a Frontback Lover. The added value is clear, you are now capturing both sides of the story and your reaction is totally part of the scene you are documenting.

– You, and what you see –

Easy beer on Frontback App

Focus on the user

1 – What you see is real … (This is why I’m not on Instagram anymore !) The Frontback posted by the community cannot be uploaded. You truly have to take both pictures you need to produce your final invention. No more fakes, only authentic life is displayed here !

2 – An effective community management … Fredd and his team (especially Elissa – community manager) are very close to their users. They regularly send short emails in order to implement their co-creation strategy. They are carefully taking care of the Frontback community and are delivering an enjoyable, original, ergonomic and addictive app !

3 – Humans love risks … When you post a Frontback you are taking an « unconscious risk » and you are trying to obtain rewards. The main objective is obviously to get the maximum number of Likes in order to strengthen, in your mind, the fact that your life is extremely exciting! So please, « don’t let me be misunderstood » #NinaSimone …

4 – A dynamic dualistic prospect … A place to show your greatest experiences or just share your daily life. This mainly depends on the app vision you have and the way you use it. The perfect Frontback is definitely the one which transforms your routine life into a unique adventure !

5 – A creative community … This point clearly shows how powerful the application concept is. Indeed, users have found hundreds of pictures combinations and are continuously trying to invent new concepts. Last but not least, even if you are connected to a one million worldwide community, you will easily retrieve your offline friends thanks to an efficient geolocation system.

Be original & join the community !