Les chiffres clés de Pokémon Go en France

Pokémon Go sur l’hexagone

Déjà plus de 75 millions de téléchargements dans le monde…

Alors, que se passe-t-il en France pour l’appli de réalité augmentée qui fait le buzz et que l’on surnomme déjà la madeleine de Proust digitale?

Le sondage Ifop, réalisé pour Metronews auprès d’un échantillon représentatif de 1051 individus âgés de 15 ans et plus, nous permet d’en apprendre davantage :

Pokémon Go en France

Qui sont les chasseurs de Pokémons?

Quelques infos clés à retenir sur le profil des dresseurs de Pokémons français:

  • Des joueurs urbains: 28% des joueurs résident dans la capitale;
  • Plus de dresseuses que de chasseurs: 59% des joueurs sont des françaises;
  • Un profil d’habitués: 35% des dresseurs actuels connaissent le jeu Pokémon depuis les années 2000.

Une application connue de tous

Un engouement et un succès fulgurants qui se traduisent clairement dans les chiffres:

  • 87% des français déclarent avoir déjà entendu parler du jeu;
  • 12% affirment avoir déjà testé Pokémon Go;
  • 68% de la population porte un regard positif sur l’appli en considérant qu’elle offre l’occasion de sortir, de découvrir des nouveaux lieux et de rencontrer d’autres joueurs.


Periscope, original or intrusive ?

app Periscope

Periscope, what is it exactly ?

Recording live with your phone and stream it online, this is what Periscope offers you. Yes, as simple as that, but nobody thought about it before (except Meerkat, see below). The company itself describes this new born app stating « Explore the world through someone else’s eyes ». Fantastic you might say, but what exactly is the world you are able to see with Periscope ? As it is starting to be largely used by the community, you can find absolutely everything on the live stream, from FIFA games, people driving live (#yolo) to travellers and live broadcast of journalists (if you’re lucky). The live stream is twofold: one tab where you can check what the people you follow are doing and another tab where you can Explore random stream from random people. Let’s see what are the possible benefits as a broadcaster and as a user.

periscope 2

– Interests for broadcasters –

Persicope is a new way to interact with people and social media. As you might have heard, it has been bought by Twitter and therefore, you will be able to link your Periscope account with your Twitter profile. This app can be used for a professional purpose (live conferences, journalists, celebrities…) as well as for a personal one, without any planned objective. What might follow is a new trend that we could call the « live-selfie » consisting of filming yourself doing your own business and waiting for people to like, comment, interact, etc… Obviously, this can only last for a moment because you, me, anyone can easily get bored very soon ! This is the reason why you will be well advised to add a value to your stream to make it work and last longer.

From my humble point of view, it will be hard for you to create a content, as good as it can be, that can be seen by thousands of people. The best content will probably be produced by influent Twitter users with a lot of followers. Anyhow, you can also broadcast videos of you simply to connect with friends as an alternative to Skype or Facetime and nobody will stand on your way !

– Interests for viewers –

Having eyes worldwide. Interact with the streamer instantly.
The second side we have to discuss is the interests viewers will find in this app. Again, it depends mostly on you. You will be able to stream videos of journalists on the field, of celebrities that will soon follow and use the app or also videos of anonymous visiting a nice place, doing extreme sports or only filming themselves (live-selfie ?).

The best way to know if Periscope is made for you is to download it, to go through it and watch randomly some video streams. You might as well try to stream your own video and check if people are interested in what you’re doing ! The moment of the day you use it can also change the experience. In case of a big event, you may fall on some live streams with a good cover but when the night comes, you will probably encounter less interesting people. In the end, the experience you’ll have is created by the broadcasters using the app. But who exactly will stream on Periscope ?

What might go wrong

Some people are talking about a revolution starting with this app, others think that it looks like a phone version of Chatroulette. The real value here is that you can stream not only in your house but wherever you are. And your experience with Periscope is linked with the kind of people you will find on it. Explore the different accounts and start following people with valuable content. About that, you should read an interesting article from The Guardian by clicking here.

The first shot by Meerkat

Created within a few weeks by a start-up called Life of Air, Meerkat was the first live-stream app to be launched. That is why Twitter reacted quickly by launching Periscope, their new family member. Periscope was the only app to unlock the ability for users to watch instant live but also recent streams recorded but again, Meerkat reacted and offered the same feature for their users.

In the end, these two apps look alike and offer the same value. But the war is starting in the backstage to push celebrities to prefer one app to another in order to gain new members as well as some social buzz. It’s up to you now to try both apps and use them (or not).

Just to let you know, Periscope got over one million subscribers for their first ten days but Meerkat is now available on both iOS and Android (follow the links at the end). Let the war begin !

Periscope for iOS

Meerkat for iOS // for Android

Sweepin, the French geofencing app

Explore your city and its shops

Even if we are not in the French Touch, this article is aimed at presenting you an app made in Dijon (the French city worldwide known for the “Moutarde” sauce).

The Sweepin startup has developed its free application in 2014. The firm sends information according to users’ interests and their geographical location.

Tons of brands have waited too long to get a communication channel that will allow them to reach the right target, at the right time, at the right place. After all, isn’t this the main marketing objective pursued by all brands? Indeed, to catch the customer attention within the right context has always been a major firms’ issue and several tools have been developed to answer this question. Sweepin is one of these…

A Classical shopping app

Sweepin is mainly a shopping app, allowing prospects to get coupons and personalized info through geolocation. Thanks to detection systems, the application can send info directly on users’ smartphones whenever they are nearby a specific store. This new technique used by marketers to reach their targets is growing very quickly and more and more companies are adopting it.

What’s interesting is that France has to develop Bluetooth beacons on its territory and Dijon is a pioneer city as it’s one of the first using this technology. Sweepin is the first application allowing this marketing technique in a large area in France. Moreover, Sweepin is already considering extending the app to the French territory, as soon as beacons are set up around the streets.

Sweepin Geofencing Mobile App

This French app uses two kinds of software to reach its goal. The first one is geolocation, which detects the presence of the user in a large area. The second one is the micro geolocation, which allows the mobile application to detect the presence of users with an estimate accuracy of one meter.

 What is interesting for shops is that they have now the opportunity to give consistent info. Indeed, local businesses are able to promote their current offers while the customer is already close to the physical shop. This way, visibility and traffic are increased and an effective loyalty program can be implemented. Obviously, this strategy has to be combined with an accurate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to ensure the brands are providing the adapted offer to the right client #MarketingSegmentation.

 A new way to create tourism offers

Sweepin isn’t only a modern shopping app allowing extreme relevancy, it will also change the way tourism is promoted.Geofencing with mobile device application

The app can be used to define the user’s interests within the frame of cultural activities. With the same principle as for the stores, consumers can receive info relative to cultural events and activities that suit their personal wishes. But there is more …

Indeed, touristic and cultural businesses, as well as institutions, will be able to create interactive trips offering textual and visual contents. We can now easily imagine a future where you can choose your own cultural trip, selecting the tour you want to travel. You can also have special info when looking at a sculpture, a painting or an artifact… with interactive images explaining the different techniques used by the artist for example. If we go further, we can even envisage videos presenting the reconstitution of historical events related to the helmet, the sarcophagus or the utensil you are staring at.

From another perspective we can foresee a fully personalized visit of a city according to what you like, what you have already seen… Will the individualization of tourism become the ultimate form of marketing personalization?

Key figures…

More than 300 shops have already adopted the app in Dijon, since December 2014, when the app was first available. The brand was created in 2014, with a team of 5 employees only. Last but not least, Sweepin projects to reach a 650 000€ turnover within 3 years.

Vivino – Never Pick Another Bad Wine

10961645_10152658255220172_842930200_nEverybody can use it

Needless to be a wine expert any longer to positively impress friends who invited you for dinner ! Indeed, here is a very clean and easy-to-use app dedicated to average normal consumer – just like YOU.
Considered as « the shazam of wines », the application has already gathered a huge community of 8 312 555 wine lovers.

~ Keep It Simple ~

  1. Just take a picture of any Wine Label,
  2. Get reviews, ranking, pricing & food pairing,
  3. Add your own reviews and ratings – to help the community for future purchase decisions and make sure you will remember your personal feelings on the wines you have tasted.

I won’t give you any further info because it is so intuitive and ergonomic, that I’m deeply convinced you won’t face any difficulty in using the app.

Why you’ll love Vivino ?

First key idea, it is a social network. This is why Vivino is getting viral. You naturally speak about it with your friends when you bring them a great bottle of wine (#PositiveWordOfMouth) or when they offer you a cheap one.

On Vivino, nothing is compulsory ! You can rate wines, write reviews, give your impressions… Or you can just pick the info you want and close the app.

As a user it is pleasant to improve your profile by unlocking the 28 badges available on the app. Here the creators have tried to develop the addictive feature, essential for the concept survival, that leads users to accomplish small challenges. One of them (my favorite one, even if I haven’t got it yet) is named Water Wagon. To unlock it you have to drink water for more than one month as it exactly says «No wine scanned for 30 days».

The previous point clearly emphasizes the humour that is also an important characteristic of the application and its users.

Finally, the unique selling point of this app lies in its major target i.e. build the world’s largest wine database ! The only way to succeed is to continuously increase the community by delivering an addictive and enjoyable user experience.

Last but not least …

As if you needed an excuse: here are 8 surprising health benefits of Red Wine and a short french advice for you : « Enivrez-vous sans cesse, de vin, d’amour, de poésie » #Baudelaire.

Start picking the right wine every time and let us know, which wine apps you are currently using and how they are working out for you ?

Investir doucement mais sûrement

Voilà une stratégie poursuivie par Google

Il y a un an et demi, le géant américain a racheté pour 1,1 milliards de dollars l’application Waze. Cette appli bien connue des français (l’hexagone est le premier marché européen avec 1,2 millions de consommateurs qui l’utilisent en région parisienne) se développe, doucement mais sûrement, dans l’ombre de Google.

En bref, il s’agit d’un GPS dont les données sont mises à jour en temps réel par les utilisateurs (qui peuvent notamment indiquer la position d’un contrôle radar aux autres usagers).

La start-up fondée en 2007 compte moins de 200 salariés et semble garder une certaine autonomie. En effet, l’app n’a pas été ajoutée au produit vedette de cartographie Google Maps. Waze a choisi de monétiser son service par la publicité. Les marques peuvent apparaître dans l’application, uniquement lorsque l’utilisateur est à l’arrêt pour ne pas gêner la conduite, et proposer des réductions dans leur magasin. Avec un ciblage très précis #GeoLocalisationIsTheKey !!! Encore plus de crispy détails ici !

Waze Application of Google

Chekit, les coulisses d’une appli toulousaine

Ça y est

En lisant ces trois mots une idée bien précise doit se frayer un chemin dans l’esprit de la plupart d’entre vous, chers lecteurs. Les autres, n’ayez simplement pas peur si je tente de me glisser dans votre imagination.

Je dois avouer que j’ai un peu hésité avant de rédiger cet article car j’ai d’abord pensé que ce n’était pas à moi de l’écrire. Mais finalement, en y réfléchissant un peu (ce qui m’arrive parfois), je suis parvenu à trouver un accord avec moi-même en me persuadant que la meilleure chose à faire, en cas de doute, est souvent de prendre du recul avant de foncer. Donc je fonce… Ça y est (deuxième fois déjà que j’inscris ces trois mots), vous vous dites déjà « c’est quoi cet article philosophique dans lequel l’auteur se prend pour Sigmund Freud et passe son temps à analyser ses pensées ». Vous avez raison… Et dans mon esprit une multitude d’excuses se bousculent déjà pour vous répondre (du style « il est tard, t’as eu une grosse journée, c’est sûrement pas le moment pour écrire »). Toutefois, la seule véritable raison de cette introspection est que cet article engage directement mes émotions #JeDisPasÇaPourVendre.

Enfin bref, ça y est (troisième et peut-être dernière fois), Chekit est ENFIN sur l’Apple Store… A ce stade, je précise clairement que le but de l’article n’est pas de faire de la promo pour cette sublime appli que vous, fidèles lecteurs, connaissez déjà sur le bout des doigts ! L’idée est plutôt de vous dévoiler les archives, réelles, dissimulées derrière cette création.

#WhatDidYouCheck - Chekit

Vous l’aurez compris, je me sens impliqué – suffisamment pour être ici l’auteur –  dans l’historique de cette innovation. Malgré cela, je vais essayer au maximum de respecter la règle d’or d’IITK et donc de « keep it simple »…

Ça fait plusieurs mois que trois jeunes se retrouvent tous les jours (ou presque), dans un appartement toulousain, pour échafauder leur plan d’action. L’objectif: produire une application qui traduise parfaitement l’idée qu’ils ont eue au cours d’une longue discussion (assurément philosophique).

L’un d’eux retraçait son expérience Erasmus en s’attardant, forcément, sur toutes les anecdotes improbables qu’il avait vécues au cours de cette extraordinaire année. C’est justement là que le concept a germé… Bien évidemment, tout n’était pas encore clair. Mais l’idée de posséder un système capable de sauvegarder leurs « achievements » (le terme anglais exprime parfaitement la notion à illustrer ici) commençait à se frayer un chemin dans le cerveau de nos trois jeunes entrepreneurs…

La suite de l’histoire est légèrement moins palpitante. Je préciserai simplement qu’elle a été caractérisée par énormément de travail, une créativité folle, des efforts gargantuesques et une dose astronomique d’amitié. Spécifions enfin que l’équipe en question a fait le choix de la cohabitation. Cela a donné naissance à une colocation atypique, au sein de laquelle j’ai passé pas mal de temps – ce qui m’a laissé des séquelles évidentes comme en témoigne cet article.

Voilà, je vais en rester là pour ce qui concerne les coulisses de Chekit. Je tenais simplement à vous raconter un bout de cette belle histoire (dont le dénouement est encore totalement inconnu) pour vous rappeler que les opportunités sont rares et que c’est à chacun de nous de se les créer #OpportunityIsTheLock.

This is really the end or is it a new beginning, a New Reality ? Seul le temps nous le dira … En attendant je compte sur vous ! And you, #‎WhatDidYouCheck‬ ? 

– Download here: http://bit.ly/1C3GAOg 

1-Hour Photo : Wait & see. Literally.

In today’s world, a picture can be taken, edited, shared, liked, commented or even forgotten in less than one hour. You get an immediate result. This has some positive sides, as you can check your photo and take it again if you’re not satisfied with it. But at the same time, some of us end up taking 12 pictures of a burger, waiting for the perfect one to be uploaded on Instagram.

Be patient …

1-Hour Photo suggests you to wait one hour before being able to see what your snapshot looks like. Nevercenter, the company behind the app, states that by waiting an hour, “each photo becomes a little present to your future self”. It can also be seen as a little present to your past self, that child that couldn’t wait for the pictures he took to be developed.

As explained on the App Store, “It sounds like a bad idea, but you’ll be surprised what it does for your photos”. And it actually works! It’s not just a Placebo effect, pictures DO look better when using the app.
Well, first, waiting is effective. You really look forward to seeing whether it will enhance your picture. Then, when you are able to see the photo you took, the moment captured has already become a memory, which makes you look at it differently: it’s all about that precise moment. Finally, the picture is edited with a deep black and white filter and a film grain, specific to analogue photography.

Here's a picture I took during a concert, using the app

Here’s a picture I took during a concert, using the app

Keep it simple !

The interface is as simple as the concept: a big button in the middle to snap a picture, with the number of photos processing on the left hand side and the number of minutes left until your next photo is ready on the right. The app’s icon also shows you how many photos are being processed via a badge icon.

The app rides on the slow tech movement, which intends to reduce some of the “damaging effects of excessive technologies in human life, primarily through promoting slower or less extreme interactions with certain technologies”. It is actually more than a “hipster app”, because the treatment and the time you wait do improve the picture. And last but not least : you can’t use the front-face camera, so no selfies please !

Problem : the app used to be free but is now worth 0,89€. So Nevercenter is basically gambling on making people pay to wait one hour. Kind of risky …

If you have an iPhone, you can download the app here. It is however not available on Android yet.

TV Show Time

An application to organize your TV shows consumption

TV Show time is a free app for smartphones, tablets and iPod. It allows you to select the tv shows you watched or want to watch. The list of shows is quite exhaustive, and can be extended through users’ demand. From classical Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, through the popular The Wire or House of Cards, to the controversial Black Mirror, South Park or Metalocalypse, the list is so complete that you can even find the most popular anime in it!

TV ShowTIme application

TV ShowTime app

It can be used as a reminder, a kind of to do list, it tells you what show you have to watch, which episode is the last you have seen so you don’t lose three hours looking for it. Indeed, for any show, you can check a whole season if you watched it entirely, or choose specific episodes you have seen. Even months later you can find out where you stopped in your tv shows consumption.

To make sure you won’t miss any episode, you can choose for which shows you want to be warned of the next release.

You can then see the countdown until the next episode, and when it is released, TV Show Time will send you a notification.
You can then attribute a mark for the episode you watched, it is not mandatory but can be useful for other users.

Interesting features of TV Show Time

The time you have spent watching tv shows. It goes from hours, to days, weeks and months. Maybe even years, but I haven’t spent enough time watching shows yet, I’ll keep you updated!

You can recommend a tv show to your friends, which is quite interesting. Indeed, we have all lived this scene : you told a friend, weeks ago, to watch a video, but he never finds the time to watch it. Truth is, he never wanted to watch it or he totally forgot about it. Now, he won’t have any excuse! He might even be more interested in watching the show because of the description he can read on the app.

Why does TV Show Time work ?

Main reason : this app perfectly fits the current TV consumption trends. It has been years now since the tv hunger spread like a disease all over the world. We ingest more and more TV Shows, we spend hours watching, hours waiting, hours starving. We don’t even try to regulate our absorption: 2 seasons missed? Let’s watch them in one night. After all, sleep can wait… TV Show Time surfs on this hunger, just like Netflix. It is even a bit odd they came so late…

TV ShowTIme application

examples of TV shows and descriptions

Why won’t this app be perennial ?

In my opinion, it probably won’t last; most users will stop using it or won’t really use it. Indeed, we all are lazy consumers who do not want to break our show consumption rhythm to tick the episode we just saw. At best we can update the app every few days, weeks or months… Not really up to date !!

I will conclude saying the app is very useful, convenient and easy to use. I will continue to update my list, probably partially, and not the way the dev. wants me to use it, but I won’t delete the app. In any case, I can’t help thinking that most users will eventually drop this application.

Find out here this TV Shows Calendar !

8-fact : Knowledge is infinite

A 9Gag imitation, giving you eccentric info

8-fact is a free application available for iOS and Android. What is baffling, at first sight, is the similarity with the well-known and very popular 9Gag. From the logo to the concept, 8-fact is a travesty of this geekish monument.

8 fact:  Learn what you don't know

The application is a sequence of posts, always using the same framework: a picture, a yellow logo on the top left corner and an explanatory sentence in the middle. The objective of the app is to present unknown informationweirdfreaky or just unusual things. Here are a few examples that are better than words : « Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school », « The world’s smallest dog is just the size of a soda can » or even « Human can overdose and die from chocolate ».

The idea is quite interesting, and very entertaining. From a marketing point of view, the purpose is simple and clear : surf on the wave created by 9Gag. Indeed, try to make people laugh, think or learn astonishing things, by giving them something to do when they’re bored or dreaming away in their bathroom

Why does it annoy me ?

This application is a pretty good pastime when you’re bored. Not as entertaining as 9Gag though, but still great. Two things disturbed me at some point, and made me eventually de-install the app.

At first, I used the app twice to thrice a day, but very soon I felt bored as I always came across the same posts over and over again. The pleasure to discover and learn incredible things soon became a hunt to find the one post I hadn’t seen yet! From pleasure to disenchantment …
Second point, the app is constantly sending you notifications to make you use it again. At first, every week 8-fact tells you « We miss you, come back and see more posts », then the notifications were sent every day, even though there was nothing new to check on the app. Outrageously annoying to receive notifications from such an app where nothing has changed !

The push marketing has clearly to be improved, otherwise 8-fact will loose many users.

8 fact: Know what you don't know

Learn what you don't know

Happn : Ne ratez plus votre âme sœur !


Nous avons tous croisé un jour une personne avec laquelle un « petit quelque chose » s’est créé, que ça soit un regard, un sourire, ou un rapide échange. Mais la timidité, les aléas de la vie ou le contexte ont empêché de prolonger ce moment. On réalise quelques minutes plus tard qu’une incroyable occasion vient d’être gâchée. L’âme sœur a peut-être été perdue.

Mais cela n’arrivera plus !! Grâce à Happn créé par trois français, Didier Rappaport (co-fondateur de Dailymotion) et les frères Anthony et Fabien Cohen. Cette application mobile enregistre les personnes célibataires que vous croisez dans la vie, inscrites via leur compte Facebook et propose de les contacter afin de partager votre coup de foudre…

Happn est un véritable succès. Depuis son lancement il y a maintenant 1 an, l’application compte 1 million d’utilisateurs et est présente dans 6 villes importantes (Londres, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelone, New York et bien sûr Paris). La start-up vient de lever 8 millions d’euros principalement destinés à l’agrandissement de sa communauté. L’objectif en 2015 est la conquête de trois nouvelles villes par mois. En décembre, Los Angeles, Chicago et Sydney sont dans le collimateur d’Happn.

Découvrez l’interview du CEO de Happn Didier Rappaport.