1010! High score, vicious and no combo

A good alternative to Tetris

1010! gameplay

If you have liked Tetris, you will probably enjoy 1010! too! Indeed, this app is very similar to Tetris in its gameplay. It is called after the game itself as the playground is a large square made of 10 out of 10 smaller squares.

At the beginning, the main square is empty, and three Tetris-like shapes may be placed anywhere you want on the field. At each turn, you will have three new shapes to add within the square. The goal is to complete a vertical or horizontal line, which will make the line disappear, offering more space for the next shapes. There are about 19 different shapes, each recognizable by its color. You also have to consider different volumes and length that offer the gameplay many possibilities.

The player must reach the highest score he is capable of, the game has no proper end, and no level. It is always the same 10*10 square you have to fill and empty. There is no time constraint but you must complete the lines, which is much more complex than it seems… Each time you place a shape you win points score. The same thing applies each time you complete one or several lines.

It is a very entertaining game, very pleasant, addictive but still more difficult than it seems. I have spent hours and hours trying to beat my own high score and I am constantly trying to exceed my own capabilities. The only regret I have about this game is the absence of combo: indeed, completing one or 3 lines at the same time makes no significant difference. Your score will be higher, but there’s nothing more, no « Combo » written on the screen, no special FX… Not dramatic, but I’m pretty sure the game would be improved.

1010! has a vicious mind and will try to defeat you

Maybe it is just my impression but sometimes I feel like the game is communicating. It seems to me that it’s trying to make me understand something. I believe that each shape it gave me belongs to one specific space on the square, and nowhere else. I must find the right combination to continue the game, and if I don’t, if I’m wrong, the game will know it. Then it will only give me shapes that do not fit anywhere just to make me feel messed up !!!

So I try to keep on, and fight back. But I can’t, I have lost control over the game! I’m powerless and defenseless in front of this evil mind which feeds me with another round of shapes, just to see me panic and completely lost. The game still feeds me with more and more shapes, always one that doesn’t fit, never one that could complete a line. There it is, the screen is full. I probably won’t live long enough to see another round. Maybe if I just put this one here…  And then I wake up, defeated, again !

1010! is a great game, quite addictive, especially when you organise a competition with a friend to compare your highest scores. I am convinced that the game gives you the shape that fits until you miss the opportunity. In that case, 1010! will make everything to make you lose. Maybe, I am paranoiac but I am sure there is an evil mastermind behind this game!1010! gameplay

One advice before you run to download 1010!: use the options to turn the back screen from white to black. Your eyes will be pleased !


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